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Transformed Lives are what this community of Christ followers are all about.  We believe that God wants to not only save us, but He also wants to transform our lives. Everything that we are and hope to be is found in Christ Jesus our Lord. We BELONG to Jesus therefore we BELONG to one another.

Our Belonging to this family is accomplished as we purpose to follow Jesus through WORD - WALK - WORLD. In The Word, Challenging Our Walk, Ministering To Our World.

Join us as we discover, together, how Worship is Transformational, Discipleship is Spiritually Formational and Ministry/Missions fulfills in our lives Jesus' command to go and make disciples.


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Find Out What's Happening And How To BELONG!

We love great stories of Transformed Lives. Communicating what God is doing through his people is important to us at TNAZ. It is here where you will find the latest happenings.

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Meet Our Pastor!

March 26, 2019

Hi, I'm Pastor Rob. I have been at Tehachapi Church of the Nazarene since August of 2016.  Prior to this I spent 20 years in Topeka, KS serving in Music & Executive Pastor Ministries.


I firmly believe God has a great vision for TNAZ and I sense great excitement following His leading. Tehachapi Nazarene is a great place to raise your family in the Lord. With fantastic Youth and Children's Ministries serving our Teens, Children and their families and a tremendous Prime Timers Ministry, Men's and Women's Ministries, there's just something here for everyone that desires to walk with other followers of Jesus at any place you might find yourself in life.

Join us this Sunday at 9:00 AM or 10:45 AM, we'd love to meet you and get acquainted.

A "Transformed Life" could start this week!


Pastor Rob

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TNAZ Welcomes The Keith Family

June 7, 2019

By unanimous decision and by vote of our Children's Search Team and our TNAZ Administrative Board and with the blessing of our District Superintendent, we are thrilled to introduce Rev. Julie Keith as our Full-Time Minister to Children and their Families.

Julie and her family come to us from Riverside, California.  Julie has been on staff at the Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene for the last twelve years.

We welcome Julie, Jeff and Dade to our church family and wait with great anticipation, for August 1st.

Church Members On Their Way to Help Victims of Hurricane Harvey.


September 8, 2017


Five members of the Tehachapi Church of the Nazarene are starting their journey to help a family affected by Hurricane Harvey. They will start on Saturday, Sept. 9, and travel to Orange, Texas.

A contractor — who wishes to remain anonymous — is also offering five workers to help repair a house. They are bringing a truck and trailer to help along with other necessities.

"We decided to work with one of our congregants that has a construction company and go down and try to do in a week a makeover and get it ready for them to move back in,” said Pastor Rob Brooks of Tehachapi Church of the Nazarene.

In making this decision, the church coordinated with other members and the Nazarene Compassionate Ministry to help rebuild a house for a family of four who are living in a fifth-wheel trailer. Their 2,600-square-foot home had up to two feet of water throughout. It now has been drained, but the family needs help repairing the structure due to not having insurance.

The team of 10 people plan to repair the house as much as possible for a week.

The church has raised $2,500, plus an undisclosed amount from a contractor. The Tehachapi Church of the Nazarene will also have second offerings collected each month for the project.

"We just want them to get back in their home," Brooks said.

Members of the Tehachapi Church of the Nazarene asked what could be done to help others of the same faith that have been afflicted by the hurricane. They decided that prayer, donations and now this effort to help rebuild a home are the best things to do.

Mary Beth Garrison, a volunteer for the project, said, ”I’m very excited about it.”

Brooks said many people from the outside wonder why others live in a high-risk area. He said that sometimes there isn’t an option to move because of lack of funds. This is why help is needed, and to help even one family is moving in the right direction to assist humanity.

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We are located in beautiful Tehachapi, California. Tehachapi Church of Nazarene offers those seeking Christ a place of comfort, hope, and peace of mind for their spiritual needs. We are dedicated to spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ, and our goal is for LIVES to be TRANSFORMED, belonging together, and worshiping the Lord as a family at any of our worship services. We invite you to become a part of our growing congregation, and look forward to meeting you!


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