Serving The Faith Community at Tehachapi Church of the Nazarene

At Tehachapi Church of Nazarene, our staff of outstanding ministry leaders are fueled by their commitment to serve the community. Whether they’re organizing our events, or making sure that ministries run smoothly — they do everything to demonstrate their dedication and commitment to fulfilling the needs of this congregation. Get in touch with us today and speak with our team of dedicated Ministry Leaders.

Pastor Rob Brooks

Lead Pastor

Pastor Sean Clifton

Associate Pastor

Family Life/Discipleship

Pastor Chris Sparling

Associate Pastor Community Outreach

Pastor Goose Ramos

Associate Pastor

Student Ministries Pastor

Jeanne Buchanan

Preschool Director

Pastor Ray White

Associate Pastor

Senior Adult Ministries

Pastor Julie Keith

Associate Pastor

Children's  Ministries

Image by Ben Sweet


Administrative Assistant/Secretary

Pastor Rob Brooks

Interim Worship Pastor

Pastor Josh Pierce

Associate Pastor/Pastoral Counseling

Pastor Dan Hauck

Associate Pastor

Celebrate Recovery Ministries

19016 Highline Rd, Tehachapi, CA 93561, USA

(661) 822-4426

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